Resolve your Tax Debt Issues

We will work with you to preserve your assets and resolve your tax debt issues.

How we help with Tax Debt

In Australia, the biggest trigger for Company Liquidations and Personal Bankruptcies is the Australian Tax Office. We work with you to explore all of your options and assist you in making the right decisions to resolve your Tax Debts.

Options may include negotiating a repayment plan with the ATO or refinancing existing loans to pay out the Tax Debt. We may also recommend restructuring your business or passing on to a Liquidator to dissolve the debt, giving you a fresh start.

Take Control

Take charge of your business finances.


We help you meet your ATO obligations.

Reduce Debt

Free up cash for your business.

"Everything was going fine, until we were late lodging our BAS. It wasn't long before we ran up quite a tax debt with the ATO. Luckily, the team were able to sort out a repayment plan for us, and we cleared the debt in 12 months."

The Lanyana Difference

Professional Partnerships

Years of experience in Finance, Tax and Debt Resolution

ATO Negotiations

We work on your behalf, and will deal with the ATO for you.

Your Champions

With us taking care of tax issues, you can move on with business.

Tax Debt Solutions are offered by Tax Debt Resolved

Tax Debt Resolved is a team of Chartered Accountants and Business Specialists in Business and Tax Debt, who are able to negotiate your Tax Debt with the ATO.