Informal Negotiations and Arrangements

Informal repayment arrangements tailored for your situation

Negotiating your Debts

We are able to negotiate a repayment arrangement or a lump sum settlement of your debts without having a lasting impact on your credit file.
We also offer an informal debt agreement called a Debtstroyer Agreement. If we assess that you are suitable for this informal agreement, our team at RJH Accountants will negotiate with your creditors to find the best outcome for you.

Protect Credit File

Avoid entering a formal act of bankruptcy, and reduce the impact it will have on your credit file.

Reduce Debt

We negotiate privately with your creditors to reduce the amount of debt you owe and pause interest & fees.

Tailored Solution

Whether it is a lump sum settlement, repayment arrangement or a complete debt waiver.

"A couple of mistakes I made earlier on in life were threatening my chances at securing credit down the track, thankfully I was able to enter an Debtstroyer Agreement, and I didn't even have to talk to the creditors."

The Lanyana Difference

Private Negotiations

Our experts are highly skilled in discretion and confidentiality.

Personalised Service

Our team will find the best solution for you and your future.

In House Accountants

Our team of chartered accountants ensure a streamlined journey.

Debt Negotiations and Informal Arrangements are offered by RJH Accountants.

RJH Accountants is a team of Chartered Accountants and dedicated Debt Negotiators,  providing tailored solutions to help you move forward financially.