Reduce Debt with a Debt Agreement

A popular and affordable arrangement to repay your debts

How we help

Our friendly specialist team will immediately become authority on your debts, and your creditors must speak only with us. This means no harassing phone calls. After we have negotiated with them and they all agree to the arrangement, you can begin making repayments. One repayment, no more interest, and the chance to get back on track.

Reduce Debt

Reduce the amount of your unsecured debt by only paying a percentage of each dollar you owe to your creditors

Eliminate Interest

Interest and fees on your existing unsecured debts is paused, so you can repay your debt faster.

Stop Calls

Creditors and debt collectors must cease all recovery methods so those harassing calls and emails will stop

"From the first person I spoke to, to the acceptance of my agreement, everyone was so nice to deal with, no judgements."

Download our Debt Agreement Brochure for in depth information about the Debt Agreement process, eligibility criteria and the benefits of Part 9 Debt Agreements

The Lanyana Difference

Help from Start to Finish

We guide and assist each client through this process. You will not be left in the dark.

Personalised Service

Speak with our expert team who are on hand to answer your questions.

We do the talking

We will deal with the creditors, so you can get on with life in peace.

Part 9 Debt Agreements are offered by Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue has helped thousands of Australians out of debt and is a leading provider of Debt Agreements.