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About Revive Financial

Revive Financial is a team of qualified professionals who are equipped to assist in personal and business debt management. Revive Financial have a Bankruptcy Trustee and Corporate Liquidator allowing them to see your insolvency appointment through to completion.

Whether you are an individual, own your own business or have a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), we can help you revive your financial future.

Revive Financial offers a unique set of services for people struggling with their finances. People often find themselves facing bankruptcy, not because of intentional wrongdoing, but because of a run of bad luck. A business venture gone wrong, taking a risk without seeing the pay off or trying to monetise on a hobby as a sole trader.

In these circumstances, a person may have a mortgage on a family home or need help winding up their business in order to fix their financial situation. Revive Financial can help. The Revive team includes a registered Bankruptcy Trustee and a number of financial professionals to help people out of severe financial hardship while having a minimal impact on their lives.

The Revive Bankruptcy Trustee can also work with people to keep their family home through their period of bankruptcy.

“The assistance I received during a rather stressful and difficult time, has been of the highest quality and dealt with a great deal of professionalism.”

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