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About Insolvency Admin Services

Insolvency Administration Services provides services to enhance the relationships between debtors, creditors and other concerned stakeholders. Customised software and back-end processes allow Insolvency Administration Services to efficiently manage clients’ Debt Agreements ensuring creditors are constantly kept informed and files are always compliant with the relevant authorities.

Insolvency Administration Services manages the complete administration process for Debt Agreements. They take care of the entire process including client, creditor and stakeholder communications, reports, dishonour follow-ups, payments, distributions and industry compliance.

Insolvency Administration Services uses Debtware™, a customised debt management solution to ensure your clients’ Debt Agreements are managed effectively. Debt Agreement providers who may be struggling to manage current agreements can call on Insolvency Administration Services to administer them on their behalf.

“I just wanted to thank your team for the kind words of encouragement during this process. I know you are doing a job but it makes a world of difference to someone like me to receive a kind word during such a stressful period. On the rare occasion that a payment did not go through there was no reprimand, only understanding, and I was given flexible options to get me back on track. It’s all these little things that help, so thank you. Definitely smiling again :)”

Insolvency Administration Services offers

Insolvency Administration Services provides end-to-end guidance for Debt Agreement Clients and their creditors.

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