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About Debtstroyer

Debtstroyer Home Loans is a specialty lender in the non-conforming space. It is able to offer clients a home loan where other major lenders can’t or won’t.

Debtstroyer Home Loans is able to assist people to refinance their mortgage to consolidate their debt. Often, it can assist people who have existing arrears, defaults, tax debts, poor credit history, irregular income or a previous bankruptcy or Part IX.

Debtstroyer Home Loans is able to assist people who would otherwise be declined because it offers a suite of financial services aimed at improving their financial situation before offering them a loan.

Debtstroyer Home Loans will negotiate with existing unsecured creditors to reduce the clients’ debt to a level where they are able to service a mortgage refinance. This instantly improves the client’s financial standing and eliminates a portion of their debt, making their refinance more affordable.

Debtstroyer Home Loans exists to help people better their financial situation at a time when they need it most.

“Everyone I have spoken with has been pleasant and supportive and got my situation resolved in the best manner possible. Now I can move on and I would not have been able to do so without help from this lovely team.”

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