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Regain control

Get on Top of Your Debts Today

It’s now easier than ever to successfully apply for loans. What may start as an interest-free store credit can quickly turn into multiple credit cards, payday loans and personal loans. With extremely high interest rates, more and more Australians are falling deeper into debt.

Refinancing your home loan allows you to consolidate your credit card debts and personal loans into your home loan to reduce fees, alleviate mortgage stress and get your finances back on track.


At Lanyana Financial Group, you may be eligible to refinance your home loan to combine your debts even if you:

  • Work irregular hours or are only employed short-term,
  • Are self-employed,
  • Have been previously Bankrupt or on a Part 9 Debt Agreement,
  • Have been declined by another lender,
  • Are a pensioner,
  • Have a bad credit history,
  • Are currently experiencing financial hardship and have an existing loan in arrears or defaults on your credit report, or
  • Have a limited history of saving.

“The whole team here are awesome, they really helped me out and didn't make you feel like crap just because your finances have gone downhill. I now feel back in control of things and a peace of mind which I haven't had for a long time. Just cannot thank Lanyana enough.” - Sadie

Take advantage

The Benefits of Refinancing

Reduced Fees icon

Reduced Fees

Combining your debts into your home loan will reduce the amount of interest you pay on current debts such as credit cards and personal loans.

One easy payment icon

One Easy Payment

Consolidating your debts into your home loan means you have only one payment to keep track of, instead of multiple.

Alleviate stress icon

Alleviate Stress

Consolidating your debts into your home loan puts a stop to harassing phone calls from your creditors, so you can breathe easy and get on with your life.

Things to Consider When Refinancing to Consolidate Debt

When you’re trying to decide if refinancing your home loan is the best option for you, it’s important to find out how much you’ll save and whether it’s worth the fees you may have to pay. Make sure to take into account if:

  • Your repayments have been reduced, not increased,
  • There are any hidden fees or costs,
  • You have achieved financial control over all of your debts, and
  • There is a long-term benefit to you by reducing stress and allowing you to live a better life.

Debt Help is Avaliable

If refinancing seems overwhelming but you are seriously considering refinancing debt, Lanyana Financial Group can assist. Our professionals will take the time to assess your situation, find the right home loan for you and be there for you every step of the way.

If the stress of debts are impacting your relationships, career and health, it’s time to refinance your home loan with us and get on with your life.

What really counts

The Lanyana Difference

Lanyana Financial Group is a specialist financial company helping people move forward financially. We support Australian businesses and individuals with debt management and lending solutions.

diversity icon


We offer an inclusive environment for all staff which is accepting of their differences, embraces their strengths and provides opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Holistic service icon


We provide a holistic approach to financial freedom. We can help all Australians, no matter their situation and guide them through their solution from start to finish.

Australian owned icon

Australian Owned

Lanyana Financial Group is proudly Australian owned and operated. With a focus on customer service, our caring staff are always available to speak with our clients.

Tailored solutions icon


We pride ourselves on offering tailored financial solutions to help Australian’s move forward financially. No two people are the same and neither are our solutions.

Transparent process icon


Clear, unhindered honesty in the way we do business. In a time of financial hardship, our clients need reliable advice, clear information and respect. That’s what we offer.

professional service icon


Lanyana Financial Group is committed to professionalism. We maintain our integrity in our interactions with our clients, their creditors and our corporate partners.

“Our case manager was fantastic. She made us feel at east every step of the way. We can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.” - Catherine

They're good

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Not only will Lanyana Financial Group help get you a new home loan, we’ll also help you better manage your finances, improve cash flow and get you back on track.

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You've taken the first step to becoming debt free

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