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About Debtstroyer

A Debtstroyer Agreement is set up between you and your creditors allowing you to repay a reduced amount of your debt with minimal lasting consequences. Unlike a formal Debt Agreement, a Debtstroyer Agreement won’t impact negatively on your credit rating and allows you certain financial freedoms you would otherwise be denied by declaring formal bankruptcy. Once you have entered a Debtstroyer Agreement those harassing phone calls from collectors and creditors will cease and you will be free to pay off your debt in peace.

Entering a Debtstroyer Agreement is simple. Debtstroyer will look at your financial situation and if a Debtstroyer Agreement is right for you we will work with your creditors to come up with a realistic, achievable and sustainable repayment plan. The repayment amount will be calculated according to your income, cost of living and debts. Often, this can mean you are only repaying a percentage of every dollar you owe with all future interest paused so you can repay your debt quickly and stress free. This is a proactive solution set up between you and your creditors allowing you to repay your debts, take control of your life and gain financial freedom.

“The person handling my case was compassionate, non judgemental and extraordinarily patient with me. Thank you.” - Ryan

Qualification criteria

Debtstroyer Eligibility

A Debtstroyer Agreement is negotiated privately with your creditors so you aren’t required to meet financial thresholds for your debt and income. However, there are other qualification criteria that must be met to determine whether or not you are eligible.

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There are no restrictions on income, as long as there is a small surplus after your living expenses are covered.

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There are no restrictions on what assets you can own to enter a Debtstroyer Agreement.

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There are no restrictions on the amount of debt you owe, but you must be struggling to meet your minimum repayments.

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You can enter a Debtstroyer Agreement regardless of your financial history.

We take care of everything, from preparing and lodging your documents to creditor negotiations and distributing your payments. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

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