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Lanyana Financial Group will be making some exciting changes to our brand on August 1st.

Client Case Managers

Meagan Rowe staff photo

Meagan Rowe

Senior Client Success Manager

Kimberley Davison staff photo

Kimberley Davison

Compliance Manager

Meegan Hays staff photo

Meegan Hays

Lending Manager

Tuanita Schulz-Harris staff photo

Tuanita Schulz-Harris

Client Success Manager

Ben Stewart staff photo

Ben Stewart

Client Success Manager

Mason Bell staff photo

Mason Bell

Client Success Manager

Jed Avery staff photo

Jed Avery

Client Success Manager

Matthew Axe staff photo

Matthew Axe

Client Success Manager

Megan Elshaw staff photo

Megan Elshaw

Client Success Manager

Amy Ridden staff photo

Amy Ridden

Client Success Manager

Mel Horton staff photo

Mel Horton

Client Case Manager

Vanissa Limboy staff photo

Vanissa Limboy

Client Case Manager

Eunice Lacia staff photo

Eunice Lacia

Client Case Manager

Zachary Drake-Brockman staff photo

Zachary Drake-Brockman

Client Case Manager

Meghan Chua staff photo

Meghan Chua

Client Case Manager

Melody Gutierrez staff photo

Melody Gutierrez

Client Case Manager

Joy Cabanig staff photo

Joy Cabanig

Client Case Manager

Jade Ybanez staff photo

Jade Ybanez

Client Case Manager

Rhandie Carta staff photo

Rhandie Carta

Client Case Manager

Mayflor Aranez staff photo

Mayflor Aranez

Client Case Manager

May Abarquez staff photo

May Abarquez

Client Case Manager

We pride ourselves on helping every Australian facing financial difficulties. No matter your situation, we have a solution tailored to suit your needs.

Creditor Liaison Team

Jarrod Allen-Ankins staff photo

Jarrod Allen-Ankins

Creditor Liaison Team Leader

Steve Schaeche staff photo

Steve Schaeche

Head of Negotiations

Naomi Parker staff photo

Naomi Parker

Debt Negotiator

Aimee Steel staff photo

Aimee Steel

Creditor Liaison Officer

Armando So staff photo

Armando So

Creditor Liaison Officer

Danica Cobden staff photo

Danica Cobden

Creditor Liaison Officer

Javiera Schwab staff photo

Javiera Schwab

Creditor Liaison Officer

Jeff Baratbate staff photo

Jeff Baratbate

Credit Liaison Officer

Ruth Delina staff photo

Ruth Delina

Credit Liaison Officer

Therese Antolo staff photo

Therese Antolo

Credit Liaison Officer

Nicole Nenadich staff photo

Nicole Nenadich

Client Case Manager

“Jake was brilliant! Honestly couldn't ask for anyone as nice to work on my file. He was very patient and prompt with his work and response. I would recommend him to anyone going through a financial struggle.” - Simone

Bankruptcy Team

Richard Moretti staff photo

Richard Moretti


Daniel Dekleva staff photo

Daniel Dekleva

Senior Manager

Paley Wang staff photo

Paley Wang


Christa Borje staff photo

Christa Borje

Admin Assistant

Santiago Tubelleza staff photo

Santiago Tubelleza

Admin Assistant

Michelle Garcia staff photo

Michelle Garcia

Admin Assistant

Lorna Cardemone staff photo

Lorna Cardemone

Client Case Manager

Kimberly Go staff photo

Kimberly Go

Client Case Manager

We understand the need for compassion, care and confidentiality when dealing with difficult financial situations. We take care of every client - from start to finish.

Corporate Insolvency Team

Jarvis Archer staff photo

Jarvis Archer


Bron Smith staff photo

Bron Smith

Office Manager

Des Byron staff photo

Des Byron


Olga Litosh staff photo

Olga Litosh


Todd Barbour staff photo

Todd Barbour


Aaron Smith staff photo

Aaron Smith


Erinii Stamatiou staff photo

Erinii Stamatiou

Senior Accountant

Evan Chen staff photo

Evan Chen

Senior Accountant

Stephen McAllister staff photo

Stephen McAllister

Corporate Client Consultant

Brendan Wenke staff photo

Brendan Wenke

Corporate Client Consultant

Vivien Akut staff photo

Vivien Akut

Admin Assistant

Rhedan Ferrer staff photo

Rhedan Ferrer

Admin Assistant

Ronalyn Collado staff photo

Ronalyn Collado

Admin Assistant

Thessa Simbulan staff photo

Thessa Simbulan

Admin Assistant

“Amy has been so helpful. I havent had to do anything really she has done the lot. Has taken so much stress off me at this time.” - Eric

Marketing Team

James O'Niele staff photo

James O'Neile

Chief Marketing Officer

Soji Kato staff photo

Soji Kato

Digital Creative Designer

Chris Hughes staff photo

Chris Hughes

Web Designer and Developer

Jack Della staff photo

Jack Della

Software Developer

Jesse Manning staff photo

Jesse Manning

SEO and Content Manager

Jack Francis staff photo

Jack Francis

Marketing Assistant

Norm Kalcovski staff photo

Norm Kalcovski

Head of Relationships

Melissa Glenn staff photo

Melissa Glenn

Special Relationships Manager

There is a no one-size-fits-all solution to debt, which is why our team has years of experience understanding our clients' financial situation and determining the best debt relief solution moving forward.

Finance and Admin Team

Vaida Edwards staff photo

Vaida Edwards

Human Resources & Recruitment Manager

Daniel Quilty staff photo

Daniel Quilty

Financial Controller

Stacey Scarff staff photo

Stacey Scarff

Management Accountant

Kelly Blackhouse staff photo

Kelly Blackhouse

Business Accountant

June Yu staff photo

June Yu

Assistant Accountant

John Balledos staff photo

John Balledos

Office Manager

Julie Dore staff photo

Julie Dore

Client Support

Riley Francis staff photo

Riley Francis

IT Support

“The customer service I received from Jacqueline my case manager is satisfying, stress free and details of information given are well understood. It's a 100% yes to tell others about your excellent service.” - Alfie

Senior Management

Shane Edwards staff photo

Shane Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

Craig Francis staff photo

Craig Francis

Executive Director

Brett Gavin staff photo

Brett Gavin

General Manager

Let our friendly team help take the stress out of your financial situation by providing the best debt relief solution to suit your needs and budget.

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