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Supporting Australians experiencing financial distress due to COVID-19

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Lanyana Financial Group

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Your Road Map To Financial Freedom

“ The team looking after me have been very helpful and understanding, especially in my difficulty taking calls during business hours due to my employment. Never felt any judgement, just understanding and help through the financial difficulties. ” - Jack

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Credit Reporting

We pride ourselves on offering holistic, caring, non-judgemental solutions – so you can count on us to provide you with the best solution to suit your needs.

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Debt Management Calculators

At Lanyana Financial Group, we believe knowledge is power. To help give you the power over your finances, we’ve created a range of FREE debt management calculators.

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Loan Repayment

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Debt Consolitdation

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Credit Card Debt

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Car Loans

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Personal Loans

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Business Loans

“ The staff were very understanding of my situation made feel everything will be alright and good at listening to everything I have been going through. Reduced my stress like never before. ” - Kim

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Our Articles

Explore our wide range of articles to understand your options when faced with a debt crisis. Expand your knowledge on all the debt relief solutions we offer including budgeting, debt consolidation, informal agreements, Debt Agreements and Bankruptcy.

Debt Management Plan: A Guide to Curb Your Debt


Rescue Your Finances with a Debt Agreement


How to Check Your Credit Score for Free


Understanding Business Tax Debt


Benefits of an ATO Payment Plan


Declaring Bankruptcy in Australia


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In a time of financial hardship, our clients need reliability, meaningful information and respect. That’s what we offer.

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