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Lanyana Financial Group can work for you

Lanyana Financial Group is working to remove the stigma of debt by providing holistic, caring, non-judgmental, positive solutions to clients in need. Each company services its own niche in the personal debt management area of the financial services industry.

By referring your clients to us, we are able to direct them down the right path to financial recovery, whether it be assisting with a difficult lending scenario through Debtstroyer Home Loans, entering a Bankruptcy and retaining their property with Revive Financial, or providing budgeting advice through Save On Bills.

If you are time poor or the client does not fit your target profile, pass them on to us. We specialise in helping clients in difficult financial circumstances find solutions without being overcome with the reality of their situation. We have a dedicated team of professionals who work with your clients in order to find the best solutions to get their debt under control.

Unique Service

We offer a comprehensive range of services in the debt management space. We can provide cost-effective and positive solutions for your clients.

Advocacy Payments

We provide referral fees to your business for recommending and providing clients to us. Essentially, we work for your clients, with you involved in the process.

Dedicated Professionals

We have a strong team of chartered accountants, lending specialists, corporate liquidators and a Registered Bankruptcy Trustee.

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