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About Lanyana Financial Group

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Giving Australians a Fresh Start to a Positive Financial Future

Lanyana Financial Group is a collection of specialist financial businesses who help people move forward financially. We support Australian businesses and individuals with debt management and lending solutions.

Our team of professionals provide a holistic, caring, and non-judgemental approach while offering positive and realistic solutions to clients in debt. We offer a broad range of financial services which can be tailored to suit our clients’ individual needs.

Whether a person is looking to manage their debt, find a loan or receive corporate insolvency advice, Lanyana Financial Group can assist.

Our caring team includes qualified Chartered Accountants, Corporate Liquidators, Registered Bankruptcy Trustees, Registered Debt Agreement Administrators, professional Debt Negotiators and experienced Lenders, allowing us to provide specialist solutions to all Australians.

We know that every situation is different.

Our Family of Businesses

Our family of businesses provides solutions across a number of niches in the financial services industry. The result – a holistic service offering able to help all Australians move forward financially. Click through to learn more about each of our businesses.

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